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In an era where Ayurveda has already been making its mark in the society we still believe that masses are unaware of what the Indian medicine can do to them. The role of tele-media is underrated in our economy if not understood because internet is fastest growing does not mean its readily available, it’s still to reach out to masses. We, as seeker of overall growth of economy to increase life expectancy of the population would like to use the now-called “traditional tool” of tele media and print media; and blend this with modern e-commerce and make this as our primary base to operate and to access to the masses, and serve very importantly the remote and distant areas who watch television and shop from home. We want to touch even the remotest of regions gradually not only in India but worldwide in our way forward.

For this we have our knowledge commercials running on TV, Web and portrayed through print media. We want the buyers of our medicines to know exactly what they are investing on. Yes, our medicine will be an investment for the buyers because it is they who will benefit from it for their lifetime.

We want to hear from you, not only on the current problem or the disease but also your health history. One of the health expert form our team once said that “most of the health-related problems are result of the small problems to have persisted in the human body from a long time”. Our team would be glad to hear from you about your problems from the scratch. For that they are available for you at all times of day and night. We want to stay awake for you to sleep healthy and peaceful.

We give you not one, two or three but hundreds of experts to talk to till the time we satisfy you for what is needed to cure with purity in service and medicine. This is what makes us unique. Just like you visit a clinic for consultation, our doctors will provide you with a similar experience virtually and in real time with more blend of experts.

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